Ingredients for a Healthier Future in Nepal: Fall 2017

Periodical, 2017, 18 pp
Contents include:
  • Three ingredients for a healthier future: In Nepal, MCC and its local partners are teaching parents of malnourished children how to make a nutrient-rich super flour and how to grow more healthy foods.
  • Sapana Tamang: A peer educator shares about her work in rural Nepal.
  • Caring for mothers and babies, preventing the spread of HIV: In Nigeria, an MCC-supported hospital is helping mothers who are HIV positive avoid transmitting the virus to their infants.
  • Nurturing careers in nursing: In Bangladesh, MCC is helping young people gain the education they need to pursue careers in health care.
  • On assignment: Rehabilitation therapist (Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange)
  • Hello Nepal

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