Inner Landscapes
Faces in the Mirror
World on Fire: May - June 2018

2018, 2 pp

Danielle Fontaine Koslowsky on her exhibition, Inner Landscapes: "My work explores the nebulous subject of the inner life. Inspired by ephemeral beauty, I explore truth and what it means to be fully human."

Reymond Pagé on his exhibition, Faces in the Mirror: "The topography of every face is continuously changing, not only due to the physical effects of aging but also the emotional impact of each and every moment of life. These two over-arching themes work in concert to paint the years onto that once smooth canvas, creating a beautiful landscape that is at once unique to the individual and part of our common experience."

Jeff Chester on his exhibition, World on Fire: "The paintings [...] focus on the intertwining of perception and reality. Dimensionality, representation, and the relationship between painting, photography, and digital imagery are key themes. This series was created in response to my own anxiety about meaninglessness and the profound strangeness of reality. [..] We are limited to only really understanding our own experience, unable to fully grasp what it is like to be someone else. For me, this underscores the critical importance of kindness, empathy, and love."

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