Inside an Amish Home: A Rare and Intimate Portrait

Book, 2019, 96 pp
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Welcome to an Amish home. It’s rare for outsiders to see inside the homes of Old Order Amish people, who live their Christian faith in community, simplicity, and humility. An Amish family in the Midwest gives us a glimpse into the intimate spaces where their family life unfolds. Patterns of work, play, fellowship, and worship become visible, and the warmth and light of the rooms bear witness to their love for God and for each other. Come in!

“With beautiful photos and respectful text, this book introduces you to the heart of Amish life. The home remains central to Amish experience—a place not only of daily chores and mealtime conversation but also the site of childbirth, church services, weddings, and funerals.“ —Steven M. Nolt, author of The Amish: A Concise Introduction
GenreIntroductory Reference
ExpressionIllustrated/Picture Book
PublisherHerald Press

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