Anabaptist Hmuhning Zumhnak Tleihtleng: (Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective - Hakha Chin Translation)

Book, 2018, 166 pp
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Zeitindah hi Zumhning Phuannak nih khrihfabu caah rian a tuan? Hi nih hin:

  • Baibal Cathiang leh ning lampi hmuh saknak a pek.
  • Khrihfa zumhning le nun can ning ding hmuh saknak a pek.
  • Mennonite le a dang khrihfabu hna kan kar ah le kan chungah lungrualnak a chuah pi.
  • Zumtu thar hna cawnpiaknak ding a tlangpi hna le cun theih a duh mi le a kawl mi hna nih an theih duh mi an hmuh khawhnak hnka a bawmhcahnh hna.
  • A chan ti luan ning in a thleng lengmang mi nunning le khrihfa zumhnak kha a langhter.
  • Hi vawlei ah zum lo tu hna le cun, a dang zumtu khrifa hna he Mennonite zumhning le nungning i hrawm ti khawhnak ding caah a bawmhchanh.

Hi Zumhning Phuannak cu then li ah then a si.

  • Dal 1-8 nih hin khrihfa le khrihfabu a si mi vialte hna i a dan tlangpi in biatlangpi kha a langhter.
  • Dal 9-16 nih hin khrihfabu le nunning kha a zoh fian.
  • Dal 17-23 nih hin zultu sinak nun kha a chim.
  • Dal 24 nak nih hin Pathian Pennak kha a faingter.

GenreOfficial Document
AudienceAdults, Youth
PublisherMennonite Church Canada
CollectionMC Canada Translations

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