Smudging as a Christian Aboriginal Ceremony

2018, 2 pp

In Christian Aboriginal spirituality, smudging is a call to worship the Triune Creator: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Like church bells, smudging informs people that an act of worship is about to begin. The smudging ceremony invites people to join the sacred space and activity of praying to the Creator in the name of Jesus Christ. The fragrance of the smudging communicates the initiation of a spiritual activity through sight and smell, our visual and olfactory senses. People see the smudge elements; they smell the fragrant aroma of the smoldering elements. Additionally, people participate in the ceremony by wafting the rising smoke over their hands, face and other parts of their body. Participation in a smudging ceremony is always optional; people’s desire to participate or not participate is always respected.

The brochure contains a brief summary about smudging and a smudging prayer.

Also see the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee toolkit which includes this brochure.

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