Jesus, Revolutionary of the Poor: Matthew's Subversive Messiah

Book, 2017, 227 pp
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Is Jesus relevant to the sufferings of the helpless, the voiceless, those dying of hunger, those traumatized by violence, people with learning difficulties?

In Matthew, we see Jesus to be a man on the frontline, battling against the forces that stop the non-poor from living generously, and the poorest of the poor living abundantly the way God intended. This is Jesus as one who in his very being is an expression of God’s wrath against human beings who live their lives as if creation is a battle zone where only the selfish and powerful flourish.

Matthew’s Jesus is outraged at the lethargy and apathy that permits non-poor people to live according to practices that lead so many to be excluded from the fruits of God’s creation. But the Jesus found in this gospel is also one who teaches that God has created a world that is good to see; it is abundant as long as people live according to the dynamic order God has inwardly established in creation, one rooted in generosity, hospitality, love, self-sacrifice, righteousness, justice, Torah, and mercy.

Includes a summary, food for thought entry, and prayer at the end of each section.

(12 sections)

“Here is no volume for the fainthearted. Bredin, a British Quaker, sketches a no-holds-barred portrait of ‘Matthew’s Subversive Messiah.’” —Dorothy Jean Weaver, Professor, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

“This book combines scholarship with spirituality, food for thought with prayer. Its emphasis on God’s preference for the poor and marginalized . . . can make uncomfortable reading. So much the better!” —Janet Scott, Former Director, Homerton College, Cambridge

“Bredin sees an unremitting focus in Matthew on the good news to the poorest of the poor that challenges several of the consensus readings of the gospel. It reminds twenty-first century readers that the care of the marginalized in society is . . . of the essence of what it means to embody the Kingdom of God.” —Kent Brower, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester

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