Vision: Winter 2018-19

Periodical, 80 pp
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Theme: Vision

Contents include:

  • "Write the vision, and make it plain" by Ken Bechtel
  • "Visioning is a team sport" by David Brubaker
  • "What God is already doing" by Chrissie Walls
  • "Mighty in Spirit" by Marilyn Rossiter
  • "Question" by Tim Kuepfer, Ben Tapper, and Don Lind
  • "Dancing into God's vision" by Sharon K. Williams
  • "Creating and refreshing a shared vision" by Steve Nussbaum
  • "Empowering children as active participants" by Katherine Goezen
  • "Imagining a new name and a new future" by Matthew Sheddon
  • "In worship: Renewing our vision through worship" by Michael Pahl
  • "In the world: The imposition of faith" by Ryan Dueck
  • "In the Word: Consider the birds" by Kevin Derksen
  • "In the congregation: The purpose of the church" by Kimberly Ferris
  • "In the details: Power and leadership" by Jenny Castro

Also includes:

  • Lent worship resources: Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast (6 services)
  • Easter worship resources: Christ is Risen, Indeed! (1 service)
  • Voices Together music and worship resources sampler and introduction (11 hymns and 25 readings)
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