Reverence: Icons and Motorcycles: January - February 2019

2019, 2 pp

Legacy explores how Kroeger processes her family’s experience of oppression, war and dislocation. Her parents fled the Soviet Union during the Second World War. They lost their home in the Ukraine and nearly everything the family had built there over generations. [...] Kroeger’s artworks ask questions about the nature of oppression, the meaning of exile, and the ways in which the past informs the present. Her pieces, initially meant to be a private acknowledgement of the pain and suffering experienced by her family and others, she now shares with the public in a realization of how many have experienced similar journeys of oppression, loss and perseverance.

Reverence: Icons and Motorcycles: “Images of icons and motorcycles have been deeply embedded in my psyche since childhood. [...] They reflect the struggle to maintain lofty spiritual ideals while continuing to struggle against human weakness. [...] Labouring to produce these images creates a space in my mind for contemplation of things to come and memories of experiences that have already occurred. Both types of imagery allow me to transcend the mundane and aspire to experience deeper, richer engagement with intense, ineffable aspects of life.”

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