The Ferment: Podcast


The Ferment names a moment of creative unrest. We live in fearful times. But out of the ferment, something good is rising. Something bigger, deeper, truer than the the Big Fight is taking shape. A Big, Big Love is taking form, becoming flesh, walking among us.

On The Ferment podcast, a farmer philosopher and a mystic folkie set out after the yeast of the kingdom. We talk to peace-waging “granarchists” like Kathy Kelly, street level theologians like Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, brilliant priests like James Alison, big-hearted artists like Steve Bell, blessing-centric pastors like Danielle Schroyer and other beautiful soldiers in the revolution of love. We are wary of ideology. We are committed to asking: what does love look like in public? What is the soil of friendship? We are curious about how to feed good culture, about how to brew new wine, about how to make new wineskins.

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GenrePersonal Theory/Thesis
TopicLove, Reign of God
PublisherThe Ferment

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