The Cross in Contexts: Suffering and Redemption in Palestine

Book, 2017, 145 pp
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Why did Jesus die? And in what ways did his crucifixion offer redemption to the world?

Those questions, which lie at the heart of Christian faith, remain a pressing concern for theological reflection. What sets this work apart is that the authors—a Palestinian theologian from Bethlehem and a New Testament scholar from the United States—explore the meaning of the cross in light of both first and twenty-first-century Palestinian contexts. Together, their insights coalesce around themes that expose the divine power of the cross both for Jesus' first followers and for contemporary readers alike.

"Don’t read this book if you are content with an escapist faith that requires no real sacrifice of you on behalf of others, even enemies. Only read it if you want to grow in the kind of knowledge that matters and the kind of faith that leaves no room for apathy or excuses. By their words and example, each of the authors has rekindled my commitment to find God in the most unexpected places." --Rev. Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, Perkins School of Theology

"The strength of the book is that it centers not on Israeli policies towards Palestinians,which can so easily if unfairly be dismissed as anti-Semitism, but, rather, on the common ground between those who have lived in this narrow contested passageway that is Palestine: the people of Israel through imperial conquest and exile, the early Christians, and the Palestinians (Muslim and Christian) today." -- Michael Doe, Church Times

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