Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World

Book, 2018, 158 pp
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Feel like your kids are drowning in a sea of new questions, apps, and devices? Want to talk about digital media more with your kids, but aren’t sure how?

Help is here.

Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World helps you think and talk differently about digital media, as you learn from inspiring and creative parents who navigate these ever-changing waters day after day.

Drawing from the best research on media and youth, as well as our own conversations with parents and teenagers, this book offers new breakthroughs for your most pressing tech-related dilemmas:

  • How to teach your kids to use social media responsibly.
  • How to set limits on when, where, and how much you use devices in your family--without isolating your kids from their friends.
  • How to handle the tough stuff: inappropriate sharing, bullying, and porn.
  • How to make digital media a force that knits your family together rather than ripping you apart at the seams.

Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World equips your family to approach this new connected world like a team. It helps you develop relationships, not rules. Supervision, not surveillance. And best of all, a plan that works without making media--or you--the enemy.

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“My favorite thing about this book is that it doesn’t take a doom-and-gloom approach to technology. It recognizes the bad parts AND the good parts, providing a road map for the future.” --Jon Acuff, author of Do Over

“As parents, we find ourselves living on the "digital frontier." Like pioneers who crossed the country to settle the Wild West, every step we take into this new technological landscape moves us further and further into uncharted territory. Figuring out how best to navigate the journey for our kids and for ourselves is not an option for parents; it's a necessity. This resource will serve you as a wise and valuable tool in your digital parenting toolbox.” --Dr. Walt Mueller, President of Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

"This is one of the first books I've read about technology that didn't make me feel defeated as a parent. Filled with practical suggestions and rooted in research, the FYI team avoids the typical approaches that vilify or glamorize digital connections. Raising culturally intelligent kids requires this kind of redemptive approach to technology." --Dr. David Livermore, cultural intelligence and global leadership expert and author

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