Gender Flex

Book, 2018, 63 pp
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Is there a gender divide between men and women? Absolutely, and it’s a problem. But why limit the genders to only two options?

This issue of Geez magazine, in my mind, had its origin in the cultural shift from mere patriarchal sexism to flagrant misogyny. The predatory consensus has felt the threat of subversion and has fortified its rule. [...] Dear reader, I hope you enjoy this issue, may it trouble you in good ways and console you as well. -- Aiden Enns, from the editorial Difference is Good

What if today’s kids knew that they have more options than what first appeared on their birth certificate? What if we worked to undo assumptions about who is responsible for being tough, and who is permitted to ask for help? -- Alana Trachenko, from the editorial I Reconsidered Everything

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