Don't Say We Didn't Know

trans. Tal Haran
Book, 2019, 193 pp
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A new approach to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

This book is formulated with the understanding that on both sides of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict there are people who want the same thing: peace and protection of human rights. This fact is also what inspires the author to address some very moral questions and raise constructive and productive explanations about:

  • Why don't people want to know about their own country's crimes?
  • Why do Human Rights and Peace movements' activities evoke such strong opposition?

This book focuses on the positive aspects of those questions and takes a deeper look into those few movements that were successful, while analyzing what enabled them to turn into massive movements creating major change. The book emphasizes the fact that there can be a way to reach what people on both sides desire - peace and offers a vision of "escalation of nonviolence" to make it happen.

Writing this book was another way for me to let people know that there is a nonviolent way to end the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, and bring peace. The principles I aspire to promote have to do with the sanctity of human life and the equality of all human beings and these are also the ideas I focused on in my book. I see this book as one more of my actions to stop the long-prevailing process going on in Israel and its occupied territories in the1967 war; gradual banishment and expulsion of Palestinians from their land. I see this as the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and my ambition is to put an end to this violent concept." -- Amos Gvirtz

"In the introduction to his book the author discloses that when encountering refusal to admit genocide in Cambodia and Turkey and the denial of crimes against humanity in Europe and in Africa, he understood that 'this is a universal phenomenon, whereby members of identity groups refuse to know and acknowledge the crimes committed by their own group, But the author refuses to accept this phenomenon, and this is the power of his decision to turn Don't Say We Didn't Know into his life's project." - Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

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