The Mystic Way of Evangelism: A Contemplative Vision for Christian Outreach

Book, 2017, 209 pp
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Elaine Heath brings a fresh perspective to the theory and practice of evangelism by approaching it through contemplative spirituality, offering a corrective to the contemporary American trend of programmatic and consumeristic forms of evangelism. By looking to mystics, saints, and martyrs of church history, she suggests we can discover ways of thinking about God that result in a life of outreach.

This thoroughly revised second edition includes a new study guide.

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"Elaine Heath is not afraid to name our demons and release our angels! She shows courage, honesty, and direction for the future in this very readable book. All Christian denominations are sharing common problems today and have a common future--a mystic future or none at all." -- Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The Mystic Way of Evangelism is about evangelism, which is truly important obviously for our mainline churches that are aging and declining but no less for our evangelical churches that are far less effective in evangelism than they often think. But Elaine Heath's book is about much more than evangelism. It's about a richer, deeper approach to Christian faith. It offers a fresh perspective on church history, and it addresses the relevance of the gospel to contemporary problems. Here's my hunch: for many readers, this will be the most important book they read this year." -- Brian McLaren, author/activist

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