Extending The Table: Recipes and Stories from Argentina to Zambia in the spirit of More-with-Less (Spiral/Hardcover Bound)

Book, 1991, 336 pp

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You're invited to sit with people you've never met, enjoy the exotic flavours of their favourite dishes, and feel the warmth of their friendship. More than just a cookbook, this fiesta of food and fellowship introduces you to the regional customs and recipes of our neighbours from around the world.

Extending the Table contains stories, proverbs, and recipes from more than ninety countries. Extend your table in the spirit of the More-with-Less Cookbook by experiencing the gratitude, hospitality, and foodways of friends near and far.

The book lays flat with an inside spiral binding.

The revised, paperback edition is also available to borrow or buy.

ExpressionGeneral Writing/Recording
PublisherHerald Press

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