2019 J.J. Thiessen Series - Lecture #3: Why Christology is Not Enough: The Spirit and the Pathways Opened Up by Jesus

2019, 51:41
In the beautiful English of the King James Version and in many old hymns, the Holy Spirit is called the Holy "Ghost," a word that hearkens back to a Germanic root (g?st, as also in modern German Geist), rather than a Latin one (Spiritus). To speak of the Holy "Ghost," however, takes many of us right back to the same kind of docetic and "ghostly" theology we have been trying to avoid as we think about why Jesus "matters." How then, can the Holy Spirit make a positive difference for Christology? In exploring John 14-17 we will find that is precisely the Spirit who can move Christology from a "ghostly" and docetic endeavour to a grounded, dynamic way of living and thinking in the world as followers of Jesus.
-- 7:30 PM, Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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