Mother Earth and Her Lovers: Repair and Maintenance: January - February 2020

2020, 2 pp

"Underlying this exhibit is the artists’ shared belief that Mother Earth as we have known her is much endangered and in need of mending and defending. How best to speak about these things is an elephantine question. Perhaps we, like the ancient poet Job, can only speak “wild words” because “reasonable words” are owned and operated by the powers who deny that anything is out of order." - Bob Haverluck, Epiphany 2020

"The value of wild places is beyond measure. Yet our wild places are dwindling and species are disappearing. Because I love the diversity of wild places, I’ve donated to The Nature Conservancy, and tried to drive my car less. But we need to do this together. To protest and write letters to governments and businesses. And to think about what we’re willing to give up so that our great-grandchildren will have a future. These pennies are worth seeking and savouring − and protecting." - Rhian Brynjolson, Falcon Creek Studios, January 2020

"Early in the project, I tried to find natural forms that aligned with my own human form, so that my body became a part of the landscape and the landscape became a part of me. I tried to lose myself in the waters, on the ice, among the trees and on the shorelines. Eventually the urgent stress of that event gave way to something else − a new awareness of the lakeland and its beauty. For me this project became more than resolving a conflict left over from a traumatic event. Healing myself involved falling in love again with a fragile and beautiful world." - Sam Baardman

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