Planning Your Baptism Instruction Class: Webinar Presentation

2019, 1:29:02 min

The perennial challenge: how to prepare young people for baptism. Some believe we need to spend more time in baptismal preparation. At the same time, we can barely get folks to commit to regular classes. There are actually quite a few curricular options, but which fit the group you are working with? Hear from a panel of pastors who are doing innovative things to prepare youth for baptism.

Andrea Wall, Danilo Sanchez, Paula Snyder Belusek and Daniel Yoder are pastors in very different contexts, joined by Michele Hershberger of Hesston College. They each share what's working for their baptismal instruction classes, Andrea reviews current curricular options, and the panellists talk about the joys and challenges of preparing youth and adults for baptism today.

The panellists also share a list of resources.

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