Easter Mystery in Extraordinary Times: Easter Video

2020, 3:19 min

An Easter greeting from Kairos.

In this year as we approach the Easter mystery in extraordinary times, I've been imagining ... mother earth as cradling all her relations. Some have said this terrible time of global pandemic is nature taking her revenge. But instead I see mother Earth as Mary of the Pieta, cradling extinct species, migrants lost at sea, children dead by bombs, human rights defenders disappeared, women murdered, nurses and doctors who have died saving lives from the COVID-19 virus. Rather than revenge, I see pain, grief, comfort, anger ..." The Easter story invites us into that deep pain and loss, to lament, to cry out, to grieve injustices ... Carrying our losses with us, lament and repentance opens to another chapter in which hope is born ... that carries us forward into transformation and resurrection. Let's not be afraid to hope!

- Excerpt

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