Jesus Wasn't White

2018, 4:13 min
The sin of racism continues to cause dissension and violence. Despite the progress that has been made, we continue to find racism at the center of injustice and inequality in all parts of society, even the church.

For people of faith, what if the roots of racism go deeper than we’ve ever acknowledged? What if racism is embedded in the very image of the One we look to for hope, comfort and justice? What if the pictures of Jesus that we’ve known for so long contribute to the racism we work and pray to eliminate?

While the issues this video raises may be uncomfortable for some, we invite you to take this step toward understanding how racism is subtly present in even the most familiar places. And how that racism has tragic, real life consequences.

Please use this video for your personal reflection, in your Sunday School class or small group. Below are some questions to consider and discuss after you’ve watched:
  • What pictures of Jesus did you grow up with? Has your image of what Jesus looks like changed over time?
  • Where have you seen the effects of a “White Jesus”? Are there other impacts in addition to the ones mentioned in the video?
  • How have you engaged with racism and its effects? Has it touched you personally or someone you know?
  • Has discussing racism been a part of your faith journey? How can the church be more active in understanding and undoing racism?

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