At Last ... Your Truth: A Coming-Out Sermon

2020, 22:46 min
(The sermon begins at 2:51 min.)

Ultimately, graciously, we are led by the Divine Treasure Seeker to that place where, “at last [we] know with surpassing certainty that only one thing is more frightening than speaking [our] truth. And that is not speaking.”

Even if the cost seems too high. Even if the consequences seem too great. Even if the landing seems too hard and the leap of faith God wants you to make feels like madness.

God isn’t going to stop calling us. God isn’t going to let up until you’ve arrived at the point where you accept that it’s time to cash out your accounts and say, “Alright. Let’s buy that pearl.”

I’ve been thinking about that point for a very long time. It is a point I suspected I had let pass me by. But God is gracious, and God makes a way. And friends, with the divine joy of one finally getting her hands on a most precious pearl, I want you to hear me when I tell you I’m not just supposed to be a pastor, I’m supposed to be a woman.

Hi friends. Hi family. My name is Junia. You can call me June. I am a transgender woman, and my pronouns are she and her.

That’s the treasure, folks. That’s the truth I can’t help but speak. Until now, I didn’t know how or when or whether to speak. I thought it was impossible. I thought it was sinful. I thought it was too costly. But I have learned; and I have grown; and I have discovered that the only thing that costs more than buying the treasure God creates us to find is *not* buying it.

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