Service: The Path to Justice

Book, 2019, 249 pp
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Service, the Path to Justice is a timely antidote to cynicism and despair in a world of growing inequality and injustice. The authors argue that serving others is the basis for human survival because only through service to others will injustice be eradicated and peace prevail.

Redekop and Beitzel focus on the concept of voluntary service—public participation motivated by the value of loving one’s neighbour as oneself—as morally worthy social action in which the doer and the recipient of the action benefit equally. This approach to social action counteracts the inequality and injustice inherent in society’s structures.

The development and practice of self-giving in Mennonite, Brethren, and Quaker denominations is analyzed, bringing sociological, ethical, and applied perspectives to the examination. The practice of voluntary service is immediately available to everyone, and the win-win benefits flowing from this approach to social action promote sustained public participation for social action. This is an enlightening and optimistic view of the power of an individual to bring kindness, fairness, and peace to the world.

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