Making Waves: Fifty Stories about Sharing Love and Changing the World

Book, 2020, 216 pp
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When Jesus says love our enemies, some people take him literally.

What happens when you start to love your enemies and serve others? Read about fifty inspiring people who have chosen to love their enemies and done good to those who harmed them. Filled with true stories from past and present, this captivating book is a showcase of heroes who have stood up for what’s right to make the world a better place.

What would it mean to step between soldiers and someone they are trying to harm? Could you love the person who bullied your friend? Would you rescue the man chasing you across a frozen river because of your beliefs? Would you serve a meal to the people trying to break into your house?

Fifty ordinary people. Fifty extraordinary acts of peace.

  1. Katie Stagliano / Gardener
  2. Adi Walujo / Pastor on the lawn
  3. Ashleigh Scully/Wildlife photographer
  4. Anderson Sa / AfroReggae musician
  5. Olivea Borden / Dollmaker
  6. Tyler Clark / Drummer
  7. Emma González / Gun control activist
  8. Erek Hansen / Recycler
  9. Lauren Cunningham / Blood drive recruiter
10. Safari Mutabesha / Refugee reacher
11. Kris Polega / Tae kwon do instructor
12. Stanimir Katanic / Conscientious objector
13. Isabelle and Katherine Adams / Origami sisters
14. Dan West/Relief worker
15. Natalie Hampton / App designer
16. Dirk Willems/Anabaptist martyr
17. Carol Roth/Reconciler
18. Rev. Ken Heintzelman / Sanctuary pastor
19. Lois Mary Gunden Clemens / Righteous Among the Nations
20. Joshua Williams / A kid who helps kids
21. Linda and Millard Fuller/Homebuilders
22. Frank Albrecht/Mediator
23. Lucy Roca Caballero / Church planter
24. Jeremiah Chico / Reihe Einen musician
25. Carolyn Schrock-Shenk/Peace professor
26. Elisante Daniel Lulu/Social media peacemaker
27. Olivia Wright/Shoe provider
28. Siegfried Bartel/Soldier turned pacifist
29. Maria Rose Belding/Food organizer
30. Mike Martin/Blacksmith
31. Tonja Murphy/Ladybug Club mentor
32. Miles Lin/Aquaponics fisherman
33. Preacher Peter and Anna / Folks who fed their enemies
34. Bryan Moyer Suderman/Singer-songwriter
35. Tegla Laroupe/Athlete
36. Sarah Jebsen/NICU nurse
37. Brittany Paris Amano/Aspiring politician
38. Nickel Mines Amish community/Community of forgiveness
39. Dr. Sibonokuhle Ncube / Climate change champion
40. Thad Taylor/Artistic Eagle Scout
41. Angela McKnight/ "Carepreneur"
42. Brad Hurtig/Motivational speaker
43. Evie Webb/Dog treat maker
44. Pastor Ignacio Chamorro Ramírez / Prison pastor
45. Anna Groff/Abuse prevention advocate
46. Brock Miller/Prayer walker
47. Emily Teng/Chief of Awesome
48. Gavin Rogers/Pastor for all people
49. Alyssa Deraco/Book lover
50. Michael "MJ" Sharp/Conflict resolver

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