Educating the resistance: Resource website

Dr. Pamela D. Palmater's website features many helpful resources, including videos, podcasts (including one for children), blog post articles, links to various resources (public inquiries, annual reports, inquests and coroner's reports, human rights), and other helpful information.

Brief introduction from the blog:
My blog is focused on educating the resistance and inspiring the next generation of warriors to protect our people and the planet. It is essential that we bring fact-based information, critical analysis and informed strategies to our Nations so that we can resist ongoing colonization and assimilatory government policies. At the same time, we must also decolonize our minds, bodies and spirits so that we can revitalize our cultures, rebuild our Nations and protect our lands and waters.

Brief introduction for the Selected Public Inquiries and Reports:
I have also included several lists of public resources related to Indigenous peoples in Canada that every Canadian (and American) should read. These reports contain significant historical and current fact-based information, findings and recommendations about how to address the gross injustices faced by Indigenous peoples.

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