Wedding Alternatives: A Guide to Planning Out-of-the-Ordinary Celebrations

Book, 1992, 66 pp
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When two people decide to wed, they hear over and over again, however subtly, that the "perfect" wedding must include a plethora of material things.

Unfortunately, these commercially prescribed aspects often overshadow the meaning of the event for these two people, their families, and friends. So much time, energy and money is spent on producing the "perfect" wedding that the focus becomes blurred. The wedding becomes a "social event" rather than a significant religious and personal celebration.

This packet offers engaged couples, clergy and other people alternatives to the bridal magazines and professional wedding consultants. It is very difficult to get beyond consumer pressures and childhood images. After all, our wedding day is one of the most important events in our lives. We labour to symbolize our "unequaled" love with an unequaled celebration. Too often, though, we don't know how to go about planning a truly fulfilling celebration.

These resources will encourage you to use your imagination as you incorporate your values and family and ethnic traditions in planning meaningful wedding celebrations. They offer practical advice and personal stories from people who wanted more than the status quo wedding and chose to have alternative celebrations instead. They also offer ideas for second marriage ceremonies and vow renewals.

Contents include:

  • Outward Signs of Inward Values: What Matters for Your Wedding?
    A firm foundation and support as people begin thinking of wedding alternatives.
  • Create Your Own Ceremony: Beyond "Here Comes the Bride"
    Eight Samples Ceremonies are Included
    A helpful guide for couples as they try to incorporate their own values and words to create a wedding ceremony that is theirs alone. This resource is especially helpful when used in discussions with the officiant.
  • Planning an Alternative Wedding: Food, Flowers and Festivities
    Alternative ideas for pre-wedding gatherings, invitations, flowers, decorations, rings, clothing, photography, location, food, gifts, and other aspects of the wedding.
  • Wedding Timeline/Checklist
    Helpful guidelines for scheduling your wedding celebrations.
  • Budget Worksheet
    Plan expenses and keep track of them along the way.

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