Sharing Gifts. Building Relationships.: 2020 International Witness Sunday

2020, 13 pp
This worship resource is prepared for International Witness Sunday, October 18, 2020, or any Sunday your congregation wishes to focus on international ministries and relationships.

Mission historian Andrew Walls writes, “Only in Christ does completion, fullness, dwell. And Christ’s completion as we have seen, comes from all humanity, from the translation of the life of Jesus into the lifeways of all the world’s cultures and subcultures through history. None of us can reach Christ’s completeness on our own. We need each other’s vision to correct, enlarge, and focus our own; only together are we complete in Christ.”

This year, on International Witness Sunday, we invite you to celebrate ministry centred around sharing gifts and building relationships; ministry across borders, languages and cultures.

We invite you to participate in intentional ways through learning, giving and connecting directly with our Witness workers and partner ministries across the world.

May you be richly blessed as you give and learn.

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