A Refugee People: How the Church can Choose Welcome in the Face of Global Displacement​: 2020 Peace Sunday Packet

2020, 42 pp

Peace Sunday is an annual occasion to preach, teach, reflect upon and witness to the gospel of peace as revealed in Jesus Christ. Mennonite Central Committee Canada encourages congregations across Canada to observe Peace Sunday on November 8, 2020.

When we remember that we are a refugee people, we are also called to act. We reach out to those who have fled to provide them the sense of home and belonging that we have found. In that way, we help transform their flight from desolation into a pilgrimage toward a promised land. That transformation starts in our worship as we strive to bring together the sojourner and the settled.

We hope this resource can help guide your journey as God’s people.—Brian Dyck, National Migration and Resettlement Program Co-ordinator (from the Introduction to the theme)

In the sermon prompt and devotional guide, you will find these components:

  • Scripture text: The passage to be read aloud/studied.
  • Scripture quote: A quick reference to the main idea. It may be quoted in the bulletin, used in a PowerPoint, on church social media or as a memory verse.
  • Wonder: A question to wake up the imagination.
  • Explore: Some background on the biblical context.
  • Connect: Ideas for how to tie the biblical story into the theme of refugees and displacement.
  • Experience: An activity to engage the senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, movement) in a way that fosters engagement with and memory of the story, for both children and adults.
  • Receive: A prayer of opening one’s heart to the truth we’ve just heard.
  • Respond: Ideas for how to live out God’s teaching.

The Peace Sunday materials include the main packet, as well as a bulletin cover and slide.

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