Displacement: Indigenous Peoples, Land, and Mission: October 2020

PART OF SERIES Anabaptist Witness
2020, 206 pp

The legacy of boundary-crossing colonial mission includes massive displacement—of native peoples from their homelands in Africa and the Americas, and of the produce of many lands, such as sugar, tobacco, and opium, for imperial purposes. The coerced movement and violent destruction of bodies and goods entails further displacements of psyches and families, cultures and languages. Any theology of mission that commends Jesus’s call, that advises packing up and moving across borders, must reckon with the history of missional displacement.

  • "Land, Neoliberalism, and Mennonite/Maya Interconnections: An interview of Manuel May" by Katerina Friesen
  • "Land Conflict in Mexico between Mennonite Colonies and Their Neighbors" by Rebecca Janzen
  • "Acompañamiento en la compra de tierras en El Tabacal: La historia bíblica enfatiza el rol integral que juega la tierra en el proceso de convertirse en el pueblo de Dios. Sin tierra no hay shalom" by Luis Acosta
  • "Seeing Samaritans: Subversive Othering in Kenyan-Somali Relations" by Peter Sensenig
  • "Journeying toward Reconciliation: Reflections on South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Lessons for Canada in Its Post-TRC Era" by Andrew G. Suderman
  • "Unsettling the Radical Witness of Peace: A Decolonizing Investigation of Mennonite Migration from Russia to Manitoba in the 1870s" by Hyejung Jessie Yum
  • "What Does Shalom Mean? Comparing Anabaptist and Indigenous Perspectives" by Randolph Haluza-DeLay
  • "Turning Plowshares into Swords: An Ethnohistory of Violence" by Devon Miller
  • "Whose Land Is It?" by David Rensberger
  • "A Community of Creation, a Calling to Friendship: A Conversation between Steve Heinrichs and Adrian Jacobs"
  • "Past Encounter, Present Resonance" by Jennifer Graber
  • "Race, Religion, and Land in The Gods of Indian Country" by Joseph R. Wiebe
  • "The US/Mexico Borderlands in the Mennonite Imagination" by Felipe Hinojosa
  • "A Postcolonial Response to Felipe Hinojosa’s Latino Mennonites" by Hyejung Jessie Yum

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