The Life and Times of David and Margaret Thiessen and Family

Book, 2018, 208 pp

The Life and Times of David and Margaret Thiessen and Family tells the story of my grandparents. Their story starts on Chapter 18 and tells about how they coped with life in the early 1900s. They lived through many hard times: WWI, the Spanish influenza, the Great Depression, WWII. When they got married in 1915, Canada was only 48 years old; Manitoba was 45. So during this time, for the Mennonites, schools were changing from German to English. Health care was in its infancy. They were fortunate to have two country doctors, but their closest hospital was in Winnipeg. On the positive side, all of their extended family lived nearby and gave help and support.

Chapter 2-13 give a brief background on our people, the area they lived in, churches, schools; as well as the family's military history.

Chapter 14 is genealogy from the GRANDMA database received from the Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Village. It traces the family back to the 1500s.

This book also includes as much history as is available of David and Margaret's parents: the Abram B. Thiessens and the Johan Loewens. Some of this history comes from records: passenger lists, census records, Gemeinde Buchen and death certificates. My mom's first cousins and my second cousins were kind enough to provide family history for all of my grandparents' siblings and their children. Their stories are told in Chapters 15-17. For the most part, these early generations continued to live in southern Manitoba. Some prominent people in the family include mom's cousin A.J. Thiessen who was quite community-minded and instrumental in the progress of the Rosenfeld/Altona area. And on her mother's side, Jacob Loewen served as a drayman in Rosenfeld from 118 until 1957; Peter Loewen was a minister in the New Spencer Bergthaler Church in Grunthal, MB.

Chapters 21-28 tell the stories of David and Margaret's eight children. By this time many changes have come to pass and their lives are not as challenging as their parents' lives were. This book ends with some personal memories that were shared. And I should not forget to mention that it contains around 300 photographs of the family.

Judy Fehr

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