Every Moment Holy Volume 1: Pocket Edition

illust. Ned Bustard
Book, 2020, 286 pp
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Every Moment Holy is a book of liturgies for the ordinary events of daily life--liturgies such as "A Liturgy for Feasting with Friends" or "A Liturgy for Laundering" or "A Liturgy for the First Hearthfire of the Season." These are ways of reminding us that our lives are shot through with sacred purpose even when, especially when, we are too busy or too caught up in our busyness to notice.


  • Over 100 liturgies for daily life (including liturgies for meals)
  • Over 20 illustrations by Ned Bustard

Contents include:


  • 1 liturgy for writing of liturgies

Liturgies of the hours

  • daybreak
  • midday
  • nightfall

liturgies of labor & vocation

  • for domestic days
  • for one who is employed
  • for those who employ others
  • for laundering
  • for the preparation of a meal
  • for the preparation of an artisanal meal
  • for the hurried preparation of a meal
  • for keeping bees
  • for washing of windows
  • for home repairs
  • for students and scholars
  • for waiters & waitresses
  • for first responders
  • for medical providers
  • before taking the stage
  • for fiction writers
  • 2 for changing diapers
  • for those who work in wood & stone & metal & clay
  • for leaders of community

Liturgies of creation & recreation

  • for arriving at the ocean
  • for leaving on holiday
  • for those who sleep in tents
  • for the enjoyment of bonfires
  • for sunsets
  • for stargazing
  • for the watching of storms
  • for the first snow
  • before consuming media
  • for the planting of flowers
  • for gardening
  • before beginning a book
  • lament upon finishing a loved book
  • for competitors

Liturgies of blessing & celebration

  • for those gathered on the eve of a wedding
  • to begin a purposeful gathering
  • for feasting with friends
  • for moving into a new home
  • to mark the first hearthfire of the season
  • to mark the start of the Christmas season
  • for setting up a Christmas tree
  • for the welcoming of a new pet
  • for the morning of a yard sale
  • for the marking of birthdays

Liturgies of petition & provision

  • for the ritual of morning coffee
  • for a sick day
  • for the morning of a medical procedure
  • for a husband & wife at start of day
  • for husband & wife at the close of day
  • for those who suffer loss from fire, flood, or storm
  • for the loss of electricity
  • before serving others
  • before a meal eaten alone
  • for those flooded by too much information
  • for those who covet the latest technology
  • for one battling a destructive desire
  • for nights & days of doubt
  • for those with a sudden burden
  • for those who feel awkward
  • for dating or courtship
  • 2 before giving
  • fore those feeling the impulse to buy
  • before shopping
  • for the paying of bills
  • for one who has suffered a nightmare
  • for those who cannot sleep
  • for first waking

Liturgies of sorrow & lament

  • for those who have not done great things for God
  • for the anniversary of a loss
  • for the loss of a living thing
  • for missing someone
  • for leavings
  • for an inconsolable homesickness
  • for those facing the slow loss of memory
  • for the feeling of infirmities
  • for those fearing failure
  • for the death of a dream
  • for those who have done harm
  • for those who weep without knowing why

Liturgies of the moment

  • 10 for practicing the presence of God
  • for the sound of sirens
  • for the fleeting of irritation
  • for moments of emergency
  • for the moment of frustration at a child
  • for those experiencing road rage
  • for waiting in line

Liturgies for table blessings

  • for Sunday
  • for Monday
  • for Tuesday
  • for Wednesday
  • for Thursday
  • for Friday
  • for Saturday


  • a liturgy of praise

Dying and Grieving

  • a liturgy for dying well

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