Development: Spring 2020

2020, 40 pp

This special centennial issue of Intersections features glimpses into MCC’s work in development over the past decades—work to improve education, healthcare, agricultural production, access to water and more. Articles analyze shifts in development approaches as well as offer analyses of specific development ventures. Of special importance in this issue are the voices of long-serving MCC national staff, who reflect on shifts, challenges faced and lessons learned in MCC’s development work: listen carefully to the wisdom from these faithful MCCers.

  • Reflections from the Teachers Abroad Program (TAP), 1962-1985 compiled by Alain Epp Weaver, Frank Peachey and Lori Wise
  • Learning and transformation: tracing shifts across MCC’s education program by Lynn Longenecker
  • Patience and partnership: two tensions in the development of MCC health programming by Paul Shetler Fast
  • Assessing the evolution of MCC’s development work: reflections from MCC staff by Derek D’Silva, Ayesha Kader, Patrocinio Garvizu, Jean Remy Azor, Matthew Tangbuin and Hien Phimmachanh
  • Simple living, peace theology and MCC’s World Community Cookbooks by Malinda Elizabeth Berry
  • MCC creation care and sustainability initiatives over the decades by Meara Kwee
  • MCC as incubator of new approaches in relief, development and peacebuilding by Paul Heidebrecht
  • MCC and Indigenous peoples in the United States: assessing the past, visioning the future by Erica Littlewolf
  • Shifts in settler selfconsciousness within MCC Indigenous Neighbours work in Canada by Kerry Saner Harvey
  • MCC and fair trade: from SELFHELP Crafts of the World to Ten Thousand Villages by Allison Enns
  • Sand dams in Kenya: translating past successes to address future challenges by Doug Graber Neufeld and James Kanyari
  • MCC, the climate crisis and vulnerable communities by Eric Kurtz and Vurayayi Pugeni
  • MCC and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign by Martin Shupack

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