Peace: Summer 2020

2020, 64 pp

As disciples of the one whose peace surpasses understanding, MCC workers continue to make a distinctive and powerful witness for God’s peace in places marred by violence. They join and support the witness of churches, community-based activists and Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu leaders committed to finding alternatives to violence and transformative approaches to conflict. In this issue of Intersections, readers will see how MCC’s peace witness is forged through relationships with “the enemy” and how teaching peace emerges from within the communities where violence has been faced and met with nonviolence. As we mark 100 years of MCC, may we be grateful for the good news of the peace God has brought us in Jesus and faithful to God’s call to share and testify to that good news in our lives.

  • Reflections from Civilian Public Service (1941-1946) compiled by Alain Epp Weaver, Frank Peachey and Lori Wise
  • Challenges and learnings: MCC medical work in Vietnam, 1965-1975 by Lowell Jantzi
  • MCC and the removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Laos by Titus Peachey
  • Nonviolent resistance during the first intifada and beyond by George N. Rishmawi
  • MCC accompanying the Colombian Anabaptist churches in their witness for peace by Elizabeth Miller
  • Peace clubs in Zambia and beyond by Issa Ebombolo
  • MCC peace work in the United States: building an archive by Timothy Seidel
  • MCC Canada peace programming: a ministry for or to the churches? by Esther Epp-Tiessen
  • A steady witness for peace: MCC in Washington, D.C. by Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach
  • MCC advocacy for Indigenous rights in Canada: reflections from history and the present by Anna Vogt
  • Mennonite Conciliation Service: challenges, successes and learnings by Michelle Armster
  • The hard work of anti-racism: the good, the bad and the ugly by Iris deLeón-Hartshorn
  • A biblical approach to the work of anti-racism by Dina Gonzalez-Pina
  • Building peace in West Africa by Gopar Tapkida
  • Training peacebuilding leaders: challenges faced and lessons learned by Acher Niyozongiye, Christine Sumog-oy, Mulanda Jimmy Juma, Jae Young Lee and Karen Spicher, Sriprakash Mayasandra and Max Ediger
  • Peacebuilding as presence: MCC assignments in “enemy” contexts by Sara Wenger Shenk and Gerald Shenk, Roy Hange, Chris Rice, Ken Sensenig and Peter Dula

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