Songs in Support of the Eco-Reformation in 2017 & Ongoing Earth-Care: Collection Three

2016, 31 pp
The songs in this collection are collected to support the 2017 Eco-Reformation.

In this collection I focus on the eco of this reformation, emphasising that the ekos is the home we inhabit, namely planet Earth. In the context of the current environmental crisis, we are faced with the need to reform our thinking, our education and our life-style about how we relate to Earth.

These songs focus on a range of themes connected with Earth:
  • The origins of Earth
  • The place of Earth in the cosmos
  • Earth as a world of mysteries
  • Earth as permeated with God’s presence
  • Earth as a sanctuary and sacred
  • Earth as the mother of living creatures
  • Our kinship with all living creatures
  • The cries and compassion of Mother Earth
  • Our mission to care for Earth, our Mother
  • Past custodians of country
Additional songs that could be used in association with the Eco-reformation are found in my earlier work, Habel Hymns Volume One: Songs to Celebrate with Creation. Relevant worship materials and songs can also be downloaded from Season of Creation.

Perhaps the radical change in orientation that an eco-reformation implies can be illustrated by the images found in the opening lines of a well-known hymn:

Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah
Pilgrim through this barren land.

The time has come to reform the belief that Earth is a ‘barren land’ and that we humans are but pilgrims on the way to heaven. Earth is our home, our mother and a sanctuary filled with the mysterious presence of our Creator.

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