Before Forgiveness: A 12-Part Bible Study Series

2021, 38 pp
This Bible study is provided free of charge; if you decide to use it in your church group, please consider providing a $25 honorarium to support the costs of Carol's website. Please contact Carol directly.

This Bible study concentrates on the big forgiveness challenges in our lives. At some point, we all experience great pain at the hands of other human beings. Maybe it’s the pain of sexual abuse by a family member. Maybe your best friend was killed by a drunk driver. Maybe your spouse broke their marriage vows. A business partner cheated you financially Because of the colour of your skin, you’ve experienced the thousand cuts of racist remarks. Society disadvantaged you because of your disability, and you are forced to live in poverty. You witnessed atrocities from rampaging militias and fled your country. Or maybe the mother who was supposed to love and nurture you was cruel and manipulative.

While our suffering varies in degree and duration, every human being carries scars of pain at the hands of other human beings. One of life’s challenges is trying to figure out what to do with that pain. Jesus models forgiveness as a response to betrayal.

But forgiveness isn’t easy. It’s hard, it’s elusive, it can seem impossible.

This study looks at some familiar biblical stories about forgiveness, as well as some passages of scripture that one may not have associated with that concept. We hold on to the promise from Jesus that if we ask questions about forgiveness, we will be given some answers. If we search diligently, God will show us the way. The door to God’s presence will open if we knock. Let’s begin together.

(12 sessions)

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