How Should We Be and Do Church after COVID? : Food for Thought for MCM Church Leaders and Congregations

2021, 10 pp
Being church in the midst of a pandemic has been challenging, but what happens after COVID? Do we return to the way things were pre-pandemic, or are there opportunities to change how we are the church and how we “do church”? What have we learned about doing the ministries of the church from our COVID experience?

The following is offered as food for thought for us as Mennonite Church Manitoba (and for congregations elsewhere). I invite congregations, lay leaders, and pastors to use this as a resource for reflecting on these questions. What have we learned about church during COVID: about being the church, about doing the ministries of the church? What needs to change in how we are the church, in how we “do church,” after COVID? What needs to return to the way things were?

Michael Pahl is the Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Manitoba.

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