Growing, Going, Gone
Tree: Sept - Oct 2021

2021, 2 pp

Growing, Going, Gone memorializes the abrupt ending of the one-hundred-year-old tropical jungle at the Conservatory in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park.

During the last days, people left messages and small sticky notes. As the final closing drew near, the notes migrated into the jungle, gently secured to branches and tree trunks, bearing messages of memory, sadness, and longing − reminders of not only the demise of this micro-ecosystem but also of the importance of protecting our local forests, national rain forest and international tropical jungles.

Tree is not just a body of paintings; it’s a journey, the artist's journey, over the last three years. This exhibit shares Eschuk's deep love and fascination with the natural world and paint. Using the natural world as a muse, Eschuk explores the experience of life. The highs and lows. The beauty and ugliness. The joys and sorrows. The peace and the pain.

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