Beyond Land Acknowledgment: A Guide

2021, 10 pp

Native Governance Center held an event on moving beyond land acknowledgment on August 25, 2021. The event featured Nikki Pitre (Center for Native American Youth), Joye Braun (Indigenous Environmental Network), President Robert Larsen (Lower Sioux Community), and Michelle Vassel and David Cobb (Wiyot Honor Tax). This guide is based on content contributed during the event; the center is grateful to the presenters for sharing their wisdom.

  • What is indigenous land acknowledgment?
  • Why can land acknowledgment be problematic?
  • What does it mean to go beyond land acknowledgment?
  • What steps should I take to create my action plan?
  • Can you explain some specific action step types in more detail?
  • What are some other action step ideas besides voluntary land taxes, Land return, and showing up to protests?
  • Can you show me a sample action plan?
  • What additional resources should I explore?

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