Seeking God's Way: Year C, Year 2022

illust. Erin Ramer
2022, 12 pp

When Jesus told stories, he would often present a story or a character people already knew, then change it in an unexpected way. When he taught, he tended to say, “You have heard…and yes, that’s true, but also this….” He would often take what the people already knew and spiral it a little deeper, revealing a whole new layer of truth.

When we take time to study and ponder the teachings of Jesus today, we find that Jesus still takes what we think we know and gives it a twist. This year’s theme, developed by the writers of the Leader magazine’s worship resources, encourages us to take an openminded and courageous look at Scripture. As we seek God’s ways, we will discover the twists, turns, flips and deepening that Jesus can bring to what we think we know. On this Lenten journey, your household is invited to seek God’s ways together.


  • A Daily Ritual Calendar for the family
  • A video introduction to the Lenten study
  • A video guide with additional tips and details

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