Ritual at World's End: Essays on Eco-Liturgical Liberation Theology

Book, 2021, 403 pp
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"With this book, I propose that through rituals, we can attend to the poor, deepen our relationship with the earth, and through communal living and working together, find ways to expand our sense of neighbourliness with the poor and beyond the humankind. I feel as if I was in a deep slumber, unaware of the natural world around me. When I started to gain awareness, I did not know where to begin or what to do. My change has been an awakening and an engagement with the earth in a very different way than before." - From the Introduction.

The cycle of essays introduces and explores the idea of an "eco-liturgical" practice of liberation theology.

The book also includes several colour pictures drawn by children.

Essays include:

  • Eco-Liturgical Theology
  • Lex Naturae: A New Way into a Liturgical Political Theology
  • Rituals and Performances in the Anthropocene: Eco-Liturgical Liberation Pantheologies
  • Worship, Liturgy and Public Witness
  • From Multiculturalisms to Multinaturalisms: Liturgical Theological Shifts
  • The Christian as Humus: Virtual/Real Earthly Rituals of Ourselves
  • Class, Interreligious Borders, and Ways of Living with Pachamama
  • Birds, People, Then Religion: An Eco-Liberation Theological and Pedagogical Approach to Interreligious Rituals
  • White Reasoning and Worship Methodology
  • Queering Christian Worship Services
  • God's Petticoat and Capitalism - Full Fashion
  • Ecclesiologies as Foreign Ecclesiologies: Worshipping with the Homeless
  • Praying from the Ends of the World
  • African-Indigenous Jurema: The Greatest Common Divisor of the Brazilian Minimum Religion

"Ritual at World's End maps Cláudio's conversion to an ecological approach to liturgy. It also manifests his ever-confident eschewal of the usual authorities in liturgical theology. Instead, he is looking to liberation theologians, and listening to the poor. So, these are the field notes of a man on a journey-to the land, to his past, with his children, for the overlooked-as he wrestles with his questions, privilege, and responsibilities. Passion and urgency, truth-telling and testimony, combine with great force in Cláudio's thinking, and this remarkable book will be well-read, gather companions, and muster more justice in the life of believers. Read it for it's challenge, gift, provocation, blessing, agenda-setting, summons..."

- Stephen Burns Professor of Liturgical and Practical Theology Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity Melbourne, Australia

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