Decades of Feminist Writing

Book, 2020, 318 pp
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Decades of Feminist Writing offers accounts that commend women's experience. Through familiar biblical texts, women like Hagar, Naomi and a Syrophoenician convey their point of view. The theology of a Samaritan woman at Jacob's well impresses her Jewish visitor. From historical periods, hear voices of Medieval religious women, early Anabaptist radicals, The Woman's Bible translators, and 19th century pastors. Theological issues of god language, sexuality, and peace precede sermons that invite hearers to live with Wisdom.

"This book brings to the reader features of one woman's journey through writing toward feminist being. Decades ago, I started taking seminary courses not intent toward one particular goal but increasingly alert to the enjoyment of research. [...] Aware that more women students than before were attending seminary--women intent to discover anew biblical stories, women about to shape church history in distinct ways, women bold to do theology as their right--why not join such movement? Together we faced and created feminism. [...] Study and research enabled feminists to claim power, process, and point of view to new depths. Questions not formerly raised were exchanged. Ownership for how patriarchy had harmed both women and men could no longer be denied. [...] Chapters here unveil a journey." -- from the Foreword

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