Acknowledgement of the Land and Faith of Aboriginal Custodians: After Following the Abraham Trail

Book, 2018, 78 pp
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"I have written this book in response to an invitation of my mentors, The Rainbow Spirit Elders, who wrote, 'Abraham, the peacemaker, respected the peoples of the land. We ask the same. Abraham recognised the God of the land. We ask the same. Abraham and the peoples of the land shared mutual blessings. We ask the same.' (Rainbow Spirit Theology 1997, p. 85)

My goal in this book is to follow the Abraham trail through the legends of Genesis and beyond so as to retrieve, where possible, how Abraham related to the indigenous Canaanites, their God and their land. What I believe I have retrieved provides a precedent for settlers who have dispossessed the land and discounted the faith of the Aboriginal Peoples where they settled.

In the light of the Abraham precedent and subsequent colonial history, it is time to go beyond making another apology and make a formal acknowledgement that leads to a genuine treaty process." - Norm Habel

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