Menno’s Descendants in Quebec: The Mission Activity of Four Anabaptist Groups 1956 – 2021

Book, 2021, 255 pp
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Lougheed, who teaches Protestant church history in Montreal, provides a comprehensive history of Mennonites in Quebec. The groups include Mennonite Brethren, Mennonite Church Canada, Brethren in Christ and Church of God in Christ (Mennonite), also known as Holdeman Mennonites. He provides good insight into the state of the church up to the present.

"Although this study specifically retraces the missionary history of Mennonites in Quebec, many parallels can be seen with the missionary ventures of other denomi-nations. Thus, this book is a vital contribution for the entire Quebec evangelical movement. In addition the combination of a historical work and a missiological critique is a welcome precedent." - The late Gilles Marcouiller, occupying the Chair of Leadership in Evangelical Protestant Missiology at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of Université Laval.

"Finally, a history of Mennonite mission in Quebec is available for English readers. Richard Lougheed has chronicled the stories of each of the four Anabaptist groups whose vision brought them to Quebec during the latter half of the twentieth century, placing it in the context of the sweeping changes of the sixties. With its comparisons among the groups, and insights from Anabaptist mission in France, the book provides an analysis of methods and strategies relevant both for Mennonites and other evangelicals." - Lucille Marr, Mennonite historian and adjunct Professor at McGill University.

"Richard Lougheed delivers the first historical review of the Anabaptist movement in Québec since 1950. This volume, which provides a quite complete picture accompanied by many pertinent observations and questions, also reads well. It will certainly remain an important reference for some time both for Anabaptist history and for the evangelical movement in Quebec. " - Jean Raymond Théorêt, former Director of the Institut Biblique Laval and chairman of the Board of ÉTEQ.

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