To Be Made Well Bible Study: Small Group Video Series

2022, 40 min

In this 8-week video series, Amy Julia Becker walks small groups through a Bible study based on the themes of To Be Made Well: An Invitation to Wholeness, Healing, and Hope, including:

  • The Nature of Healing
  • Barriers to Healing
  • Personal Healing
  • Collective Healing
The series also includes a PDF guide that provides opening conversation questions, Bible study and reflection questions, a weekly practice, and prayer.

  • Session 1
    Pay Attention to Pain in the Body
  • Session 2
    Pay Attention to Emotional Pain
  • Session 3
    Pay Attention to Pain in Your Community
  • Session 4
    Distraction and Shame as Barriers to Healing
  • Session 5
    Status as a Barrier to Healing
  • Session 6
    Participating in Personal Healing
  • Session 7
    Participating in Collective Healing
  • Session 8
    Healing Begets Healing

(8 sessions

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