The Skeptic's Gospel: Finding a Richer Faith through Disbelief

Book, 2023, 172 pp
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Some questions cause trouble.

Like, why create hell for people who have never heard about God? Or, why can't the seven days of creation be taken metaphorically?

Don't too many details about God wreck the mystery? Where's the common ground between kind-hearted atheists and thoughtful believers?

Even closer to home, why would a good God allow a two-year-old to get brain cancer?

The Skeptic's Gospel dives headlong into these questions and more. In this layered journey, former youth minister, Mike Enzlberger, wrestles with his "sense of call," and takes heed of a life-changing dream. He sorts through the limits of language we use to talk about God and finds some consolation. Readers will discover how doubt can actually strengthen faith and, ironically, fortify hope.

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