Anabaptists and the Bible: Summer 2023

Periodical, 2023, 48 pp
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The Bible by Kathleen Kern
Creating, sustaining, and challenging the Anabaptist movement
A Bible for our time by John D. Roth
The Anabaptist Community Bible
Studying God’s Word by Dennis Edwards
A joy and delight
Sharing our sacred story by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
The Narrative Lectionary
Narrative Lectionary Tips for Pastors and Worship Leaders
Examining all things in Scripture by Renee Reimer
Question by Shari Hostetler, Fernando Loyola Servín, Ben Woodward-Breckbill
How does your congregation engage people of all ages in Bible study?
Wrestling with different interpretations of Scripture by Stephen Breck Reid


Editorial by Amy Gingerich
In worship by Rashard Allen
Presenting Scripture in worship
In the Word by Peter J. H. Epp
Restoration that’s good news for everyone
In the family by Caley Ortman
New wineskins of identity
In the details by Nicole Francisco Bailey
Making Bible study accessible
In the world by Judith McCartney
Embracing an APEST ministry model
(Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Sheperd, Teacher)

Leader tips:

Review: The Chosen by Jonathan Haggard
Learning to live with and benefit from Scripture's diversity by Timothy J. Geddert

Worship resources:

Current Summer Worship Resources: Seeking Peace Together by Joanna Harader (3 services)

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