From Seed to Seed

2019, 86:39 min

The joy and heartfelt struggle of a Canadian family to sustain their organic farm in a changing climate.

In Southern Manitoba, in the Mennonite village of Neubergthal, Terry Mierau and Monique Scholte are pouring their hearts into a small, ecological family farm. In love with their land, their methods are derived from generations of farming traditions, along with the best current knowledge of organic farming. Raising crops and several types of livestock, they struggle mightily against a force their agricultural predecessors never anticipated – global climate change. Taking back plant breeding from big industry, they work with Professor Martin Entz, University of MB, to breed new varieties of potatoes, and acquire Syrian basil seeds from newcomers to the community.

Depicting large as well as small operations, the film shows what farmers are up against, and how determined many are to adopt environmentally responsible strategies, despite the seductive conveniences of modern agricultural practices. Farmers are taking plant breeding back from big industry, and Manitoba has many seed security experts and a seed sharing program. Through one setback after another, the film’s subjects display tenacity, endurance, humour and a sustaining dedication to family and community.

From Seed to Seed exemplifies the best qualities of those who farm, and provides a hopeful look at a modern movement that will prove vital in turning the tide of environmental destruction and climate change.

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