The New Anabaptists: Practices for Emerging Communities

Book, 2024, 208 pp
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What does it look like to be an Anabaptist community in the modern world? And why does it matter?

A new incarnation of Anabaptism is blossoming—but not where we might expect. In the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and other post-Christendom contexts with little historical Anabaptist presence, Christian communities are embodying novel expressions of Anabaptist faith and practice. In this companion to The Naked Anabaptist, author Stuart Murray identifies twelve common practices of such churches and communities that are shaped by an Anabaptist vision.

The New Anabaptists provides foundational resources for followers of Jesus in many different contexts as they rise to the challenge of embodying faithful and radical discipleship in local communities.​


    Introduction: The New Anabaptists in Practice

    Section 1: From Core Convictions to Common Practices
    1. Starting with Jesus
    2. Baptism and communion
    3. Multi-voiced church
    4. Truth-telling
    5. Sharing resources
    6. Peaceful witness

    Section 2: Common Practices in Context
    1. Peaceful Borders
    2. Soulspace, Belfast
    3. The Incarnate Project
    4. Contribution from South Africa
    5. Contribution from Australia
    6. Contribution from Canada
    Conclusion: The Anabaptist Vision in Post-Christendom

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