Considering Solar?: A Guide for U.S. Churches

2022, 40 pp
Welcome to Mennonite Creation Care Network’s step-by step guide for congregations who are considering installing solar panels. The churches in our network who have already done this tell us it is a time-consuming process that requires overcoming a number of hurdles. But all of them are glad they persevered. In this booklet, we share their stories and tips. We also break down the process into bite-sized tasks that can be spread among multiple people.

Due to the differences between the U.S. and Canadian governments, it did not seem feasible to create a bi-national solar guide. We regret that we could not represent our Canadian members. While parts of this booklet apply anywhere, some details will be different in Canada.

We created this booklet because we believe a transition to renewable energy is urgent and important. Ignoring the effects of climate change when we can already see the devastation of droughts, fires and flooding that come with warming temperatures is immoral. But solar panels are just one way to respond. There are many. We wish you clear thinking, careful discernment and Spirit-inspired energy as you seek the best path for your group.

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