Green Burial Society of Canada

In 2013, the Green Burial Society of Canada (GBSC) was founded by a small but passionate group of people working to make environmentally responsible, culturally meaningful death care options available to all Canadians.

The roots of the GBSC go back to the early 2000s, when Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC began receiving calls from people asking about “green” or “natural” burial. Interest grew quickly, and it was soon clear that there was demand for natural burial—and for an independent society dedicated to providing credible information about green burial and green funeral services.

Then, as today, Canadians are keen to know more about green/natural burial. They want to learn about this respectful, traditional way of caring for the dead, a way that imposes the least possible environmental impacts and with the potential to deliver a range of positive environmental benefits over time. Canadians also want to find out how to make green burial available in their communities. Filling these needs remains our core purpose as we enter our second decade.

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