Caring for Climate: Moving from Anxiety to Action
Three Lessons

2024, 19 pp

Breaking The Silence Around Climate Change

The collective voices within the Anabaptist community have developed the curriculum on this website, based on the diversity of speakers at the pastoral retreats developed by the Anabaptist Climate Collaborative.

Lesson One by Douglas Kaufman

  • I don’t want to think about it! Climate, emotions and denial.
    Develop practices of care and hope as ways to respond to denial and the emotions about climate change.

Lesson Two by Kenneth Pitts

  • What Difference Does It Make? How climate change impacts your life
    How do we make change? We research, feel, and put a plan into place with a community.

Lesson Three by Sarah Nahar

  • Dealing With Our Crap Understanding Environmental Racism and Climate Justice through the Toilet
    When we band together, great things are accomplished. In this lesson, we explore community building.

(3 Sessions)

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